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The "Sistine Chapel" in the Marche region


The Pomarancio show in Loreto: special exhibition of the designs for the Basilica's Chapel (at the Antico Tesoro Museum in the Apostolic Palace) launched on the 18th March along with the awareness campaign for the renovation of the Hall of Treasure in the Loreto's Basilica of the Holy Home, the so-called "Sistine Chapel of the Marche region", frescoed by Cristoforo Roncalli, called Pomarancio.
Arranged by the Delegation and the Lauretan Studies Centre, the show illustrates the complete works of Pomarancio and it is enhanced by the exhibition of the recently renovated Cesare Maccari's model for the decoration of the Basilica's Chapel in Loreto, considered as his masterpiece.
The show offered several cues and memorable moments thanks to the presence of an expert on art like Mons. Timoty Verdon, the Osservatore Romano's editorialist, capable of underlining the qualities of the Basilica better than anyone.
The archbishop of Loreto, Papal representative, Mons. Giovanni Tonucci, expressed the wish to give Pomarancio's frescos their original beauty back, thanks to the raising of funds.

Claudio Cipolletti's company, leading producer of Religious Items, sensitive to the love for his town, the value of culture and civic pride, participated in the project with a donation, therefore investing in the development of his territory.

Supporting this event, as Giovanni Tanfani, gm of the Cipolletti's religious items declared, we've been given the opportunity to strengthen the company's values and identity, exercise social responsibility, improve the motivation and aggregation of our personnel, as well as add on prestige to the company's image.



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