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The history of Murano's glass production is very ancient.
Glassmaking was already developed in the Venetian lagoon in the VII century.
Then, in 1291, the Republic of Venice ordered glassmakers to move their foundries to the isle of Murano, with the aim to protect Venice from fire.
This event turned Murano into a very famous island, the most important place in the world for the production of glass.
In this little patch on earth, secrets, methods, rules and binds are passed on by families of craftsmen, from generation to generation.
And now, we have asked these skilful glass masters, to put their priceless craftsmanship in the creation of special Crucifixes, and supply them to our customers all over the world
This kind of manufacturing consists of a special process.
As the flame burns, using gas, the solid glass rod melts and can be shaped to create figurines, small objects and decorated beads.
First testimonies of the glass beads Venetian craftsmen: beginning of 1300 (at that time beads were used for making rosaries, called "paternostri").
The "paternostri" (or "supialume" or "perleri") made the beads with oil lamps.


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