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CLAUDIO CIPOLLETTI @ KOINE' - Italy 18 - 21 April, 2015

Koinè (18 - 21 April, 2015) is the World Fair for Church Supplies, liturgical and ecclesiastical art, taking place every 2 years, usually after Easter-time, in the Vicenza Fairgrounds, north East of Italy.

Worldwide there is no other trade show that covers the whole of the religious industry in such breadth and depht: figures speak for themselves. Buyers and traders from all over the world are coming to Vicenza to meet with church manufacturers showcasing new, contemporary and classic products and services and to learn and get inspired about the latest liturgical trends and designs in sacred art and furniture, technical apparels and ecclesiastical supplies.

Claudio Cipolletti will be at HALL 1 STAND 244-260 (bar area) with you to celebrate its 70 years of "MADE IN LORETO" showing all the latest news, new catalogs and really interesting previews for 2015.

On the occasion of the celebrations for the 70 years of activity, Claudio Cipolletti will make an additional gift: a free-of-charge weekend in the city of the Holy House as guests!

To learn more we will wait for you at Hall 1 stand 244-260 ... there will also other some beautiful surprises !!

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Claudio Cipolletti Sponsor of the exhibition of Don Bosco in Loreto

<<  Dear Giovanni Tanfani ,
Thank you! His help has given us a strong hand. Have you given your heart to Don Bosco.

Don Bosco bless you with every good. I am close to you in my prayers and I love you.

The passage of the Urn was a feast of grace for the Salesian Family of the Marches, especially for us Loretani . I would say that we had a nice collaboration by all.

I commoso see so many families with children to participate in the event. In the square there was held a lively animation with significant episodes in the life of our Father and Master, as Carozza and the incident of the dog gray . In the course Boccalini has been an explosion of music, flags and flowers. I ask Don Bosco to bless each of us and our benefactors.

The presence of Don Bosco in Loreto has been an opportunity to elevate ourselves to God and desire the beauty of holiness . The Loretani say that Don Bosco has struck at the heart of all. To us then the task and honor to continue to discover the wonders of this saint. It was a great opportunity to learn about its education system , all now feasible .

Don Bosco has made many miracles in his preregrinazio this , we still desire the grace of holiness and the salvation of souls. Thanks Don Bosco because you have come among us , bless with your mighty hand Loreto. Dear friends, Thank you very much ! We work together always with the enthusiasm that Don Bosco has brought us.

I am close to you in affection on behalf of Don Bosco. >>

Don Abraham Kavalakatt sdb
Director of the Salesian Community of Loreto

Published on the Internet the new catalogs Claudio Cipolletti 2013-2014

Published on the Internet the new catalogs MASTER Claudio Cipolletti 2013-2014, the new ROSARIES, the SHINING LAURETANI and THE ORTHODOX, introduced at the KOINE 2013 Vicenza.

The layout of the new 2013-2014 catalogs were marked by simplicity and clarity, and addressed to the company's main target.

The usage of catalogs along with the new website will be a valuable support to both dealers and our loyal customers who can take advantage of all the information in real time in order to choose the product that best suits them by ordering from your local electronics confidence.

For more information you can download directly from Per maggiori informazioni potrete scaricare direttamente da this page, the new catalogs in pdf and use the online viewer of products grouped by section. ... always at the forefront in serving your customer!

Shining Lauretani Line - Silver & Crystal

Prefer something does not happen by chance. That's why we chose

Dear buyer you know that the quality must be built carefully, especially after particular.

Believing in the "value added" did not want to simply

buy a gift item: chose a CLAUDIO CIPOLLETTI product .

One way of conceiving the design, quality, safety of the product.

A lifestyle.

We want to welcome you to our company as you do with the special customers.


Owning an object means to be on our "heavenly way "

The professionalism of our technicians, constant checks, research and quality

materials will enable it to maintain over time the value of your object

and to present it with confidence and with great satisfaction.

Today the third generation and we'll be there in the future

to show her that CLAUDIO CIPOLLETTI is the right choice.

We hope you enjoy the pleasure of the product

Claudio Cipolletti Corporate Video

Claudio Cipolletti designs and manufactures in Italy - Loreto exactly - and we are proud to introduce our corporate video where you can discover our great professionals who produce our products made by hand and individually checked.

You can watch it from your browser by connecting to our Youtube channel or directly from this link:


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